Video Sales Letters the Lazy Man's WayVideo Sales Letters are amazingly effective. And, frankly, they are a whole lot easier to create than those long form written sales letters.

Why is that?

Well, here are some of the advantages they have over their text-only written counterparts:

You can get your message across more effectively than using just text or audio.

More people learn and absorb information that’s communicated visually.

A person’s voice helps build trust and connects better with potential customers

Videos have been proven to convert better than text sales letters.

…and those are just a few reasons.

Up until recently, I’ve used PowerPoint, Keynote, and even Google Slides to create video sales letters for myself. I thought I had actually become pretty efficient at it.

But I was wrong (and I didn’t even know it).

Check out this video to see the tool I discovered that has transformed the speed and efficiency of creating video sales letter.

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