Over the past few months, I’ve been tinkering around with creating a more robust membership site for my business. Maybe even more than one. So I’ve been keeping my eyes and ears open for solutions that might help my job easier.

I currently use the excellent (and free) Zaxaa Member plugin for WordPress (Download the Plugin), which is reasonably sophisticated, and connects directly to Zaxaa, where my affiliate program is managed. The downside it that I still need to deal with all the website design and menu configuration… which can be time consuming at best.

So I got pretty excited when I started hearing news of not one, but two new membership platforms from highly respected developers and internet marketers. And so I have been digging in to each of them to see which fits my own needs best.

…and being a marketer, I’ve also watched the different approach each has taken to their launch.


FreshMember, which is a product from DigitalKickstart, is a cloud-based membership software platform intending to compete with the likes of Kajabi and Infusionsoft’s Customer Hub. Their launch is somewhat traditional (for 2015), with an opt-in prior to launch date for access to the Blueprint that was behind a $15 Million membership site.

Smart Member

Chris Record and his team at Internet Marketing Bar, have taken a different approach for the release of their WordPress plugin suite, Smart Member. They have taken the launch video sequence concept, popularized by Jeff Walker, and added a fictional action movie spin to it. It’s rather entertaining (what I’ve seen so far), and I imagine it will result in a lot of social sharing.

So which one do you like better?