2949f77d3d6347078a2d46eb3a07349c.I today’s quick summary of what’s happening over at Facebook, we’re going to look at Facebook’s new instant articles platform, How you can run ads directly through HootSuite, And some new toys that Facebook page admin now have access to.

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Soon, we’ll be able to access all sorts of major media content right inside of Facebook…

Facebook is brilliant. They understand that a great content consumption experience is critical to their users staying engaged on their platform. 

We’ve seen this most recently in Facebook’s approach to video. Recent data suggests Facebook is gaining ground on YouTube as the video consumption destination on the internet. And with 1.25 billion mobile monthly active users, it’s only logical for Facebook to take the same approach with mobile text content consumption. Instant Articles give users a better experience while keeping them contained within the Facebook mobile application. Well played, Facebook.

via: Facebook Instant Articles: Bad for Marketers, OK for Publishers, but Great for Facebook

Facebook Ads via HootSuite

As you probably know, I teach Facebook ads to my clients, and one of the biggest barriers for most businesses is getting started and knowing how to do it all correctly. Well, for elementary ads, it looks like HootSuite is entering the market…

“Small business owners don’t have time to create and manage their advertising,” Hootsuite’s VP of New Product Growth, Greg Gunn, told Small Business Trends in a recent interview. “We optimize your most popular Facebook content based on your goals.”

Hootsuite Ads is described as the first tool available to automate and simplify the social media advertising process. Users choose their primary business objective for each ad. Based on previous postings, the tool then automatically formulates ad content as a “sponsored post” and offers targeting suggestions. All this happens in Hootsuite’s dashboard.

For small business owners, Facebook advertising efforts generally are driven by one of four key factors, Gunn noted.

“You want to drive more brand awareness, get more followers or better engage your followers, or you want to drive traffic [to a website outside Facebook],” Gunn explained.

“We analyze all your organic posts and automatically tell you which content will give you the biggest bang for your buck. You can see what is working and what is not,” he said.

via: New Hootsuite Ads Tool Creates Your Facebook Ads for You

Finally, there’s not mich news on this one yet, but Facebook seems to be experimenting with response rate reporting for page admins. Check out this very short post over at Social Times.